Storm Sewer Work to Begin on Creekside Place and Rodebaugh Rd.

The sewer work will mainly consist of installing a new gravity storm sewer.  The area under construction will be on Creekside Place (in three separate locations) and on Rodebaugh Rd. (in the North lane running East and West).  Traffic control items will be posted throughout the work area.  There will be one lane of traffic in the work area directed by flaggers on either side of the construction zone.  Local property owners will have access to their driveways with some limited wait times.  Pedestrians will have access to existing walkways.  Emergency vehicle access, mail delivery, and trash pickup will be maintained over the duration of the project.

The majority of the work will be in the street and the existing right-of-way.  There will be the need for lawn restoration and driveway/apron repairs for some properties within the right-of-way.  There may also be the need to trim or remove existing trees or landscaping in the right-of-way where construction is required.  

This project should be completed in November, 2017. Our goal is to make it as painless for the public and to keep the site as clean as it can be for this type of work.  That being said, there will be noise, dust, and mud at times.  We thank you for your patience as we work to complete this project in a timely manner.