New Recycling Carts Are On The Way

Reynoldsburg is moving to a cart-based system to eliminate problems with the old bins, such as blowing litter, and to adopt a modern system with greater efficiency that will lead to lower collection costs for the community. The roll-out includes all residential homes in the city and will begin May 1st and is anticipated to be completed by May 11th


What is the new Reynoldsburg Cart Recycling Program?

The City of Reynoldsburg has decided to replace the smaller red bins that are currently used with larger, wheeled recycling carts to improve our community's recycling program. Wheeled recycling carts provide more room for recyclables, have a lid to prevent blowing litter and are easier to move to the curb.

What should I do if my cart is damaged?

Submit a request to the City of Reynoldsburg at (614) 322-6811. We will repair or replace the damaged cart. 

Will collection of my recycling change under the new program?

Rumpke will continue to collect recycling on your regular recycling collection day. Your collection day will not change.

What should I do with my old recycling bin?

Bins may be retained for use inside your home or garage. Bins brought to the curbside after the delivery of your new cart will be collected by Rumpke beginning May 16th.

When does cart-based recycling collection begin?

Recycling with the new carts will begin on the next collection day immediately after you receive your new cart.

Can I request a smaller or larger recycling container?

We're asking all residents to use the cart to recycle for at least 60 days before deciding whether it is the correct size. The 64-gallon size is used by many communities in Franklin County and we're confident that it will be an appropriate size for more households. If after 60 days you are still interested in a differently sized cart, please call (614) 322-6810 to discuss possible options.

Where should I store my new recycling cart?

Carts may be stored in your garage, on the side of your home or in your backyard (Ord. 975.08).

Still have questions about recycling carts?

If you have additional questions, please call the City at (614) 322-6810.