Tips To Keep Your Child Safe From Today's Technology

With all of the different technologies available to young kids today, it can be hard for parents to keep track of all the different networks their child may have access to. Reynoldsburg Police Department would like to take a small part in making this parental duty a little easier and hopefully help educate you and your child of the dangers that can come from technology.

Software for Computer

Net Nanny®
 Net Nanny® is the #1-rated parental controls software that protects your family from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, and much more, keeping your family safe online.

Spytech SpyAgent 
Spytech SpyAgent is a software that allows you to monitor everything users do on your computer without your child knowing. SpyAgent provides different variations of computer monitoring features, as well as a blocking feature.

Mobile Apps

Norton Family Parental Control
The free version allows users to see which websites their kids are visiting from their computer or mobile device and allows parents to block specific sites. Users also can receive a seven day history of their child's online activities. 

Mobile Watchdog
Mobile Watchdog allows users to monitor all cell phone activity on Android devices — text messaging, application use, and browsing use. The app will send you an email of a child's mobile phone activity.

Reynoldsburg Police Department is not endorsing any of these products, only hoping to give a few examples of possible tools to help you. Parents should do research on the many different products out there and chose the one that best fits their family’s needs.