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When is my fine due for my ticket/When is my court date if I want to contest my ticket or if I have a mandatory court appearance?

If you were issued a payable ticket and the officer has written an amount in the remarks section of the citation…(example  $120 waiver) you have until the date and time written in the small box on the bottom right of your ticket to pay without penalty.  If you wish to contest your ticket or the officer has written “Must Appear” in the remarks section of your ticket, your court date is again in the small box at the bottom right of your citation.

How to I pay my citation/fines?

There are several ways to pay your fine.  You may pay:

  1. In person:  At the Clerk of Court’s office during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday,  9 am-4 pm by cash, check, money order, debit card or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only);
  2. Online: Follow this link and then click the button labeled "Pay Tickets Online" in the column on the right. Information obtained on the payment site will inform you of the types of offenses that are payable online. *Please note that there is an additional convenience fee added to the cost of your transaction that is charged by the provider processor.
  3. By US Postal Mail: Send a check or money order made payable to Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court with your ticket number written clearly on it to 7232 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068;
  4. Using the DropBox: Drop off a check or money order in an envelope in the payment drop box located in the Municipal parking lot with your ticket number written clearly on it; or
  5. At the Reynoldsburg Police Department after hours, on weekends or on holidays.


What do I do if I forgot to show the officer proof of insurance when I was cited?

You may bring in proof of insurance when you come to pay your ticket or appear for court.  You may also send in the proof with your check or money order if you are paying your citation by mail or drop box.  The insurance must cover the date and time of the stop of the vehicle you were driving. (If you were driving someone else’s vehicle, you must get a copy of their insurance, not your personal insurance unless you have a SR-22)  The Clerk’s office will accept the insurance ID card or declarations page from the insurance company, but will not accept a billing statement as proof.  If you do not have proof of insurance for the vehicle you were driving when you pay your fine, the BMV will notify you that you must provide them proof with instructions on how to do so.  Make sure the BMV has your current address.

Can I get an extension to pay my fine or to appear?

Yes. If you are unable to pay the amount due for your citation OR you cannot appear on the date written on your citation and you have not made an initial appearance before the Court, you may come to the Clerk of Court’s office and request a continuance to pay or appear on or before your due/court date during our normal operating hours.  There is no charge for the first continuance, however, if you need an additional continuance, you must come in on your newly scheduled court date and request it from the Prosecutor.  There is a $10.00 charge added to your balance for each continuance after the first one.

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