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Refund Policy:
It is the City of Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department’s policy to provide an opportunity for as many people as possible to enjoy our parks and recreation opportunities. Therefore, the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine classes, events or programs, in order to provide the best service possible. Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation will consider refunds for programs, rentals, etc. under the following circumstances:

o Injury to the participant prohibiting further participation for the remainder of the season/program with proper medical documentation.
o Participant moves more than 20 miles away from the City of Reynoldsburg.
o If the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department cancels a program the participant will
receive a full refund.
o Weather cancellations (if less than 75% of games/programs were held a $10 refund will be issued in the form of a credit towards another P&R sport or program).*
o Consideration will be made if a player makes the travel team and/or school team in the same sport they are registered to play through Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation (i.e. – registers for Basketball but makes the school team)

Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation will not consider refunds for programs, rentals, etc. under the following circumstances:

o If the fee paid is less than $10.
o Participant misses portions of programs on their own accord.
o Participant is unhappy with team assignment or schedule.
o Withdrawal once the sport or program has begun (first contact date).

To request a refund contact the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department at 614.322.6806. This request is sent to the Director and/or Recreation Superintendent, where a decision will be made as to whether to move forward with the refund and how much of the cost will be refunded.

A $7.00 processing fee will be assessed on all refunds. Refunds will be issued via check from the City Auditor’s office and mailed to the individual listed on the registration as the payer. Refunds can take up to 10-14 business days.

The Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to change the refund policy and procedure without notice.

*Refunds issued due to not meeting the weather criteria will be issued as a credit through the Blue Sombrero registration software site. Each participant will be issued a coupon code that will need to be entered for $10 off a future sport or program through the Parks and Recreation Department. Please note that the coupon code is non-transferrable and carries no cash value. The coupon code will expire one year from the issue date. Head coaches who receive a refund for coaching will not receive any additional credit due to weather cancellations.

‚ÄčPark Rules and Regulations

Weather Policy

Coaches Policy:
To Be A Volunteer Coach For Reynoldsburg Parks & Recreation Department:
We understand the time and dedication it takes to be a volunteer coach for Reynoldsburg recreation league(s). Below are several tasks you will be expected and/or required to do while coaching in our league(s). Obligation to these tasks as outlined will produce a full refund to the head coach (HC) of the assigned team. Head Coaches are only eligible to receive one refund check per season regardless of how many teams he/she is the head coach of; refunds aren’t applicable to assistant coaches, guidelines are listed below.
• Complete and pass a background check
• Attend training sessions offered by Parks and Recreation
• Attend coaches meeting
• Remain with the team for the duration of the season
• Turn in completed coach evaluations from parents
• Turn in equipment at the end of the season

 Procedure for becoming a Volunteer Coach with the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department:

For anyone to become a Volunteer Coach with us (head coach or assistant coach), the interested person must complete a Volunteer Coach Application. Most of you are familiar with the application as it is required every season of every sport. This means that if you coach 3 sports in a given year (i.e. – soccer, baseball, basketball), we would require three applications. The reason for this is that we run a new background check on every volunteer coach prior to that specific season. This is far & away beyond the recommended standard but we feel it is a measure worth investing in for the safety of the families participating.

The background checks that we run on all applicants is through the NYSCA (National Youth Sports Coaches Association). This is the most widely used system in the country for public Parks & Recreation Departments such as ours. Only applicants who pass the background check are eligible to become volunteer coaches. Every coach is required to pass the background check to become eligible to volunteer with us in any capacity (head coach or assistant coach). We spend a considerable amount of time collecting applications, running the background checks and confirming who is eligible to volunteer & who is not.

Again, the safety of the kids is the number one priority of all our programs. Our commitment to running background checks every season of every sport for every volunteer coach reflects this. If you have any questions regarding this issue – please call the office to further discuss.

Donna Bauman

Program Low Enrollment Cancelation Policy:
All classes must have a minimum number of students in order to be held. When a class/program is canceled due to low enrollment or other circumstances, you will be offered a full refund.  When registering through Blue Sombrero please know and understand that ALL orders that have been created and not cashed out will be cancelled (72) hours from their time of submittal.

Program Participant Cancelation Policy:
If, prior to the start of a program, participants cancel their registration, they will receive a refund less a $7.00 administrative charge. 

Programs Location Policy:
All classes will be held at the location advertised unless otherwise noted in the Recreation Brochure. The department reserves the right to cancel, combine, change item or date, or make any revisions which may be necessary.

Sports Fees:
(Fees NOT Applicable for programs)

Resident (R) rate
$56.00 per participant

Non-Resident (NR) rate
$71.00 per participant

Late Fee Policy:
‚ÄčRegistrations taken after a program registration deadline will be assessed a $10 late fee.

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