Police Department

School Resource Officer

There are currently two School Resource Officers (SRO) employed by the Reynoldsburg Division of Police. Each officer is assigned to one of the two High Schools. These officers were selected from a list of qualified candidates to serve within the schools and both came from patrol positions.


  • To create and maintain a safe environment for the students and staff of the Reynoldsburg High Schools.
  • To prevent the delinquency of juveniles through close contact and counseling.
  • To maintain and create a positive image toward law enforcement, police officers and the Reynoldsburg Division of Police through professionalism, integrity and commitment.
  • To work closely with parents, teachers, principals, staff and students to provide criminal justice and legal information and education.
  • To serve as liaison between community and government entities to ensure students and staff obtain necessary or supportive services.
  • To be visible and maintain good order and discipline.
  • To conduct structural and procedural security assessments to minimize criminal opportunity and increase safety.
  • To interface daily with students whether teaching classes, being involved in student activities or responding to incidents where required.
  • To patrol the halls and exterior grounds of the schools enforcing laws, preserving order and protecting property.


The Reynoldsburg Division of Police SRO is in place to ensure our sons and daughters can obtain an education and prepare for their futures in a safe and protected environment free of distraction and criminal activity.

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