2017 Legislation

The Reynoldsburg City Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30pm beginning with Committee sessions with Regular Council sessions following. If a Monday is a nationally recognized holiday, a meeting is held on the Tuesday immediately following. Council recesses during the month of August.  

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Passed Ordinances, Resolutions and Motions 2017

January, 2017

01-17  Accepting an Annexation 10360 Taylor Road

02-17  Then & Now -Keytel Systems

February, 2017

Ord. 03-17   Vacate Easement 6960 E. Main Street

Ord. 04-17  Electric Aggregation Constellation Energy

Ord. 05-17  PD to Apply for and Accept Justice Assistance Grant

Ord. 06-17  Accept TIRC Recommendations 

Ord. 07-17  Main Street Streetscape Contract 17-18

Res. 08-17  SEUP 1391 Brice Rd-Auto Sales

Ord. 09-17  Appropriate Police Special Revenue Funds

Ord. 10-17  2017 Street Program Construction

Ord. 11-17  2017 Street Program Inspections

Ord. 12-17  Authorization for Parks & Recreation to apply for and accept OEPA Grant

Ord. 13-17   Authorize EMH&T to perform Sewer CCTV/Inspections

Ord. 14-17  Appropriation of Grant funds to PD from LBrands Grant

March, 2017

Ord. 15-17  Graham Road/Rodebaugh Road Storm Water Bond 

Ord. 16-17  Main Street Water Main Replacement Bond Request

Ord. 17-17  Purchase of Van for Police Department

Ord. 18-17  Amend Code Section 741 Solicitors

Ord. 19-17  Amend 160 (f) Property Room Clerk

Ord. 20-17  Lease Agreement- Document Solutions for Copier 

Ord. 21-17  Purchase of 2 Cruisers for PD

Ord. 22-17  Removal of Fixed Assets- PD

Ord. 23-17  Removal of Fixed Assets-Computer Services 

Ord. 24-17  Gas Aggregation-Volunteer Energy

Ord. 25-17  2017 Fireworks Display

Ord. 26-17  Amend Code Sections 905 and 917

Ord. 27-17  Amend Code Sections 913 and  1127

Ord. 28-17  Lease Agreement- Document Solutions for Copier

Ord. 29-17  Franklin Soil and Water Mini Grant

Motion to Appoint Charter Review Commission

April, 2017

Ord. 30-17 Purchase of Police Cruiser to replace damaged one

Ord. 31-17  Waive Section 971.16 of the RC Code for Tomato Festival

Ord. 32-17 Amend Code Section 1131 Definitions

Ord. 33-17 Amend Code Sections  1161, 1183, 1184, 1192, 1193, & 1196 (Titles)

Ord. 34-17 Amend Code Section 1181 General Sign Regulations

Ord. 35-17  Purchase 2017 Jeep Cherokee for Building Department

Ord. 36-17 Authorize Contract with Level 3 for Phone and Internet Services

Ord. 37-17 Amend the PPM

May, 2017

Res. 38-17  ODOT Winter Salt Contract

Ord. 39-17  Authorization to Purchase Irrigation Pump (to replace malfunctioning pump)

Ord. 40-17  Zoning Re-district 137 Waggoner Road - Applicant United Dairy Farmers

Ord. 41-17  Accept Recorded Deed from John Truro Holdings LLC

Ord. 42-17  Unpaid Grass & Weed Cutting 2016 to Franklin County Auditor

Ord. 43-17  Unpaid Grass & Weed Cutting 2016 to Licking County Auditor

Ord. 44-17  Amend Ordinance 94-12 Waives Competitive Bidding for Various Exempted Businesses 

Res. 45-17  Resolution Approving SEUP 6415 E. Livingston Ave- Jeanne Cabral

Ord. 46-17  Then & Now - City of Columbus

Ord. 47-17  Amend Code 1171.06 Accessory Use Structures

Ord. 48-17   Amend Code 1127.12 Utility and Traffic Studies

Ord. 49-17  Removal of Fixed Assets- Computer Dept

Ord. 50-17  Removal of Fixed Assets- Service Dept

June, 2017

Ord. 51-17  Repeal & Replace Ord. 39-17

Ord. 52-17  2017 Storm Sewer Maintenance Project 
Ord. 53-17  2017 Storm Sewer Maintenance Project Inspection Services

Ord. 54-17 2017 Rocky Den Sewer Rehab Project

Ord. 55-17 2017 Rocky Den Sewer Rehab Project Inspection Services

Ord. 56-17  2017 Main Street Water Main Replacement 

Ord. 57-17 2017 Main Street Water Main Replacement Inspection Services

Ord. 58-17  Parks & Recreation Appropriation of Funds

Ord. 59-17  Income Tax Increase Ordinance

Ord. 60-17  Amend Code Sec 1305 Building Department Fees

Ord. 61-17  Amend Code Sec 741 Solicitors

Ord. 62-17  Amend Code Sec 913 Private Roadways

Ord. 63-17  Agreement with Verified Volunteers for Background Check Services

Ord. 64-17  Amend 160 Increasing Strength of RPD

Ord. 65-17  Removal of Fixed Assets- Parks & Recreation

Ord. 66-17  Authorizing Lease Agreement w/Blacklick Properties for Police Substation

Res. 67-17   Resolution Approving/Denying a BZBA Variance Appeal

July, 2017

Ord. 68-17 Amend Code Section 190.01

Ord. 69-17  Charter Amendment 8.04

Ord. 70-17 Charter Amendment 4.14

Ord. 71-17  Charter Amendment 7.01

Ord. 72-17 Charter Amendment 7.02

Ord. 73-17  Charter Amendment 4.11

Res. 74-17  Lease Agreement for PD Substation at Taylor Square

Ord. 75-17  Purchase of Viper 9-1-1 Equipment

Ord. 76-17  Agreement with Columbus to provide 9-1-1 services

Ord. 77-17 Purchase of Sierra Wireless Modems - Repealed

Ord. 78-17  Pine Quarry Park Bridge Replacement Bidding 

Ord. 79-17  2018 Tax Budget

Ord. 80-17  Amend Code Section 1187

Ord. 81-17 Amend Code Sections 1183 and 1184

Ord. 82-17  Accept Stormwater Deed of Easement

Ord. 83-17  Accept Stormwater Deed of Easement

Res. 84-17  Resolution Authorizing Mayor to Seek Assistance from OPWC for Waggoner Road Project

Ord. 85-17  Agreement with KGT for IT Services

Ord. 86-17  Repeal and Replace Ordinance 77-17

Ord. 87-17  Agreement with Limbach to replace HVAC Controls

Ord. 88-17 Agreement with CT Consultants/Moody Nolan for Community Center Design

Ord. 89-17 Appropriation of Funds to the Auditor's office

Ord. 90-17  Rezoning 0 Taylor Rd- applicant Charles Warner Jr.

Res. 91-17  Renewal of Community Block Grant

Ord. 92-17  JEDD w/Etna Township (JEDD 3)

September, 2017

Ord. 93-17  Adoption of SWACO Solid Waste Plan Changes

Ord. 94-17  Authorizing a Memorandum of Understanding with Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District

Res. 95-17  Ratifying the Various TIRC Reccomendations

Ord. 96-17  Appropriating Funds from the French Creek Foot Bridge Fund to Pay Flood Repair Costs

Ord. 97-17  Appropriating Funds for Community Center Design Services

Ord. 98-17  Appropriating Sponsorship Funds from Gen Fund to Parks & Rec for Recreation Supplies

Ord. 99-17  Purchase of Real Property for City Use 7312 E. Main Street

Res. 100-17  Accept the Amounts and  Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission-  Franklin County

Res. 101-17  Accept the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission-  Licking County

Ord. 102-17  Amend Reynoldsburg City Code Section 1193 Historic Overlay District

Ord. 103-17  Re-Zoning from R2 to S-1 Special District; 0 Graham Road

Ord. 104-17  Re-Zoning from CC (Community Commerce District) to S-1 Special District 6305 E. Livingston Ave

Ord. 105-17  Re-Zoning from CS (Community Services District) to S-1 Special District 6900 E. Main Street

Ord.  106-17  Re-Zoning from CC (Community Commerce District) to CS (Community Services District) 6269-6275 E. Main Street

Ord. 107-17  Making Supplemental Appropriations for Debt Service Payments

October, 2017

Ord. 108-17  Resolution- Sustainable 2050 agreement w/MORPC

Ord. 109-17  Authorize EMH&T to initiate bidding for Baldwin Road Project

Ord. 110-17  Authorize Agreement with Gilbane for Community Center Construction Management Services

Ord. 111-17  Oak Valley Subdivision Section 1 Plat Modification

Ord. 112-17  Appropriation of Funds to An Account in the Income Tax Department

Ord. 113-17  Amend Section 949 Water Regulations

Ord. 114-17  Amend Section 943 Water Charges

Ord. 115-17   Removal of Fixed Assets- Computer Department

Ord. 116-17  Agreement for Extension w/Rumpke for 2018 Service

Ord. 117-17   Amend Code Section 1305.3 and 1305.12

Ord. 118-17  Amend Code Sections 1301.01 and 1325.03

Ord. 119-17  Renewal Agreement with Franklin County Public Health for 2018

Ord. 120-17   Agreement for Engineering Services w/EMH&T

Ord. 121-17   Agreement for Engineering Services w/CT Consultants

Ord. 122-17   Agreement for Engineering Services w/American Structurepoint

November, 2017

Ord. 123-17  Purchase of Telex 911 Dispatch Console for PD

Ord. 124-17  Lease agreement with Taylor Square Owner for PD Substation at Taylor Square 

Ord. 125-17  Agreement with EMH&T to perform bidding services for the 2018 Street Program

Ord. 126-17  Installation of Flashing Crosswalk Beacon on Main Street

Ord. 127-17  Agreement with Donald J. Schonhardt & Associates

Ord. 128-17  Agreement with OHM Advisors for Comprehensive Master Plan

Ord. 129-17  Removal of Fixed Assets

Ord. 130-17  Appropriation of Funds to the Income Tax Department

Ord. 131-17   Transfer of Funds Among Various General Fund Accounts

Ord. 132-17  Appropriation of Funds from Water Fund for Operating Expenses

Ord. 133-17  Appropriation of Funds from Wastewater Fund for Operating Expenses

Ord. 134-17  Appropriation of Funds from CIP for New World Upgrade

Ord. 135-17  Appropriation of Sponsorship Funds- Parks and Recreation

Ord. 136-17  Amend Sections 160.02 and 160.03 or Chapter 160

Ord. 137-17  Agreement with Kirch Group for 2018 IT Services

Ord. 138-17  Agreement with Spectrum Business for Point to Point with Gahanna

December, 2017

Ord. 139-17  Repeal and Replace Ord. 126-17 Regarding the Crosswalk Beacon on E. Main 

Ord. 140-17  Franklin Soil and Water Conservation Agreement

Ord. 141-17  Setting Solid Waste Rates for 2018

Ord. 142-17  Authorization for City Insurance 

Ord. 143-17  Authorization for City Employee Life Insurance

Ord. 144-17  Authorization for City Employee Dental Insurance w/Delta Dental

Ord. 145-17  Transfer of Funds Among Various General Fund Accounts

Ord. 146-17  Amend 971.15 City Parks to prohibit Tobacco useage

Ord. 147-17  Amend 953 Water Charges in regards to Water Rates

Ord. 148-17  Amend 945 Sewer Charges in regards to Sewer Rates

Motion to Amend Council Rules of Procedures

Motions to Appoint Members to Planning Commission

Ord. 149-17  Agreement with Licking County Humane Society for Animal Control Services

Ord. 150-17  Repeal/Replace Ord. 143-17 Regarding Employee Life Insurance

Ord. 151-17  2018 Budget

Ord. 152-17  Amend Chapter 190 Income Tax
Ord. 153-17  Appropriation of Funds from the CIP 

Ord. 154-17  Amend 160.03 Employee Salary Schedule

Ord. 155-17  Enact Chapter 175 Contracting and Purchasing Procedures

Ord. 156-17  Amend Section 121.02 Council Compensation

Ord. 157-17  Amend Section 143.01 Auditor Compensation

Ord. 158-17  Authorize MOU with MORPC

Ord. 159-17  Authorize Agreement with MORPC for 3C Transportation Project