2019 Legislation

The Reynoldsburg City Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30pm beginning with Committee sessions with Regular Council sessions following. If a Monday is a nationally recognized holiday, a meeting is held on the Tuesday immediately following. Council recesses during the month of August.  

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Passed Ordinances & Resolutions

January, 2019

Ord. 01-19  2019 Sewer Rehab Project - Construction

Ord. 02-19  2019 Sewer Rehab Project - Inspecation

Ord. 03-19  2019 Street Program 

Ord. 04-19  Amend 190.01 Authority to Levy Tax; Purpose of Tax

Ord. 05-19  Approve Comprehensive Plan 2018

Ord. 06-19  Agreement w/OHM for Kroger Traffic Light & Main Street Improvments

Ord. 07-19  Agreement w/Calfee Zoning for Zoning Code Re-write.

Ord. 08-19  Purchase of Walkie Talkies for PD

Ord. 09-19  Purchase of 50 Body Cameras for PD

Ord. 10-19 Purchase of 4 Police Cruisers

Ord. 11-19 Purchase of Pick-up Truck for PD

Res. 12-19  Resolution to Join the Cooperative Purchasing Program

Ord. 13-19  Repeal and Replace 127-18 for City Insurance

Ord. 14-19  Removal of Fixed Assets Police Department

Ord. 15-19  Appropriation of Funds to an Account in the Police Department

February, 2019

Resolution Recognizing February, 2019 as Black History Month

Ord. 16-19  2019-2020 Landscape Services Contract

Ord. 17-19  2019-2020 Irrigation Services Contract 

Ord. 18-19  Dump Truck Purchase for Street Department

Ord. 19-19  Purchase of Truck for Stormwater Department

Ord. 20-19  Amend 157.02 and 157.03

Ord. 21-19  Amend PPM - Credit Card Policy

Ord. 22-19 Purchase of Virtual Server

Ord. 23-19  Appropriation of Funds- Police Department

Ord. 24-19  Amend 160.02 Stormwater Utility

Res. 25-19  Approving Special Exception Use Permit #2018-12 6555 E. Livingston Ave

Ord. 26-19  Approving & Enacting 2019 Code Supplement

Ord. 27-19  Authorizing Franklin Soil and Water Conservation Mini Grant Application/Acceptance

Ord. 28-19  Authorizing Clean Ohio Conservation Program Fun Grant through OPWC Application/Acceptance

Ord. 29-19  Authorizing Agreement with Media Promotion Enterprises (MPE) for Tomato Festival Entertainment

Ord. 30-19  Authorize Contract with EMH&T to prepare bids for the 2019 Water Main Replacement Projects

Ord. 31-19  Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement w/Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District

Ord. 32-19  Authorizing a TF of funds between Accounts in the Service Department

Ord. 33-19  Removal of Fixed Assets- Parks & Recreation Department

Ord. 34-19  Purchase of 1 2019 F-350 for Parks & Recreation Department

Ord. 35-19  Removal of Fixed Assets-  Street Department

Res. 36-19  Participation in ODOT Winter Contract

Ord. 37-18 Purchase of 2 Trucks for Water Department

March, 2019

Ord. 38-19  Removal of Fixed Assets, Police Department

Ord. 39-19  Agreement with EMH&T for CCTV Sewer Line 

Ord. 40-19  Purchase of 1 Police Cruiser to Replace Unit 279

Ord. 41-19  Authorization to Enter into an Agreement with OHM for Phase 2 of the Lancaster/Main Parking Lot

Ord. 42-19  Appropriate Funds to Parks & Recreation from Donations

Ord. 43-19  Appropriate Funds to Police Department from K9 Donations

Ord. 44-19  Amend Code to enact Section 1171.09 Wireless Facilities and Support Structures

April, 2019

Res. 45-19  Waive 971.16 for Reynoldsburg Farmer's Market

Res. 46-19 Wavie 971.06 for Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival

Ord. 47-19  Agreement w/Logicalis for New Phone System

Res. 48-19  Special Exception Use Permit 610 N. Lancaster Ave.

Ord. 49-19 Removal of Fixed Assets- Parks & Recreation

Ord. 50-19  Authorization to Sign MOU for School Resource Officer

Ord. 51-19  Authorization to Enter into Contract with Guide Solutions for Branding Services

Ord. 52-19 Authorization for EMH&T to Bid JFK Park Improvements

Ord. 53-19 Authorization to Purchase T-250 Transit Van for PD

Ord. 54-19 2019 Fireworks Agreement
Ord. 55-19  Purchase of Recycle Bins from SWACO

Ord. 56-19 Purchase of Recycle Bins from Toter

May, 2019

Ord. 57-19 Appropriation of Funds for Purchase of UTV For Police & Maintenance Departments

Ord. 58-19  Appropriation of Funds to Service Department for Community Clean-Up Day

Ord. 59-19  Contract with Geotechnical Consultants Inc.

Ord. 60-19  2019 Street Program Construction

Ord. 61-19 2019 Street Program Inspection/Testing Services

Ord. 62-19  Palmer Road Construction

Ord. 63-19  Palmer Road Inspection Services

Ord. 64-19  Repeal/Replace Ordinance 56-19

Ord. 65-19 Gas Aggregation Agreement with Volunteer Energy

Ord. 66-19 Establish Funds for JEDDs

Ord. 67-19  Amend Chapter 160 Employee Compensation

Ord. 68-19  Police Special Revenue Funds

June, 2019

Resolution  Recognizing June as Pride Month

Resolution Recognizing World Refugee Day

Ord. 69-19 Approve Payment for Geotechnical Consultants Services

Ord. 70-19 FOP Contract for January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021

Ord. 71-19 OPBA Contract for January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021

Ord. 72-19 Appropriating Funds from the Unappropriated General Fund to Parks and Rec Accounts

Ord. 73-19 Designating the Community Improvement Corporation as an Agency of the City

Ord. 74-19 Then and Now Recycle Bins

Ord. 75-19 Amend Chapter 160.08

Ord. 76- 19 Tax Budget for Fiscal Year 2020

Ord. 77-19 Amend Chapter 160.01, 160.02, 160.03, 160.08

Ord. 78-19 Fixed Asset Removal

Ord. 79-19 Appropriation of Funds

July, 2019

Ord. 80-19 JEDD 1

Ord. 81-19  Builderscape LLC Contract

Ord. 82-19  JEDD 4

Motion To Appoint of Clerk of Council

Ord. 83-19  Franklin County Nuisance Cost 2018

Ord. 84-19  Licking County Nuisance Cost 2018

Ord. 85-19 Appropriation of Funds for the Reynoldsburg Community Center

Ord. 86-19 Appropriation of Funds to the Parks and Rec Department

Ord. 87-19  Contract with Meeder Investment Management

September, 2019

October, 2019

November, 2019

December, 2019