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Perhaps, the most visible role of the Code Enforcement Officer is in the “Battle of the Blight.”How effectively a Code Enforcement Officer performs their job can have a major impact on the property values and image of the community. Code Enforcement Officers support and
enhance the overall quality of life in the community, while working to keep aging buildings, homes and properties from becoming an eyesore. Every community faces struggles with vacant buildings, trash, tall grass and weeds, graffiti, and inoperable vehicles. The City of Reynoldsburg is taking a proactive role in code/zoning enforcement throughout the City. The same standards are applied throughout the City on a daily basis, based on our current rules and regulations. In the event a property owner is unable to comply with the timeframe given for a specific violation due to an extenuating circumstance (medical condition, disability, availability of contractor, etc.), they may contact the City and request a
one-time extension which may be granted if the property owner can provide documentation to substantiate their request. The violation still is considered valid, and if the City agrees to grant an extension it is imperative that it be remedied by the agreed upon date. A property owner
may also file a formal appeal with the City’s Board of Zoning and Building Appeals (BZBA).

In most cases:

  1. A violation is issued to the property owner, and they are given a period of time to make the necessary corrections to remedy the situation without any further action/penalties. The amount of time a property owner is given to correct a violation is based on the situation, as certain ones pose more of an immediate risk to the public’s health and welfare then others, and therefore require a shorter, or immediate solution.
  2. If the situation is not remedied within the specified time frame a second violation is issued,
    along with a new date (shorter) to correct the situation. If the City feels the situation poses a threat to the health and well-being of its residents, or the City was unable to reach the property owner (correspondence returned, property vacant/abandoned, etc.), an
    order may then be issued to have the City’s authorized agent remedy the situation. The cost of this work, including administrative fees will then be assessed to the property owner’s property tax bill as a special assessment.
  3. Extreme neglect, and failure to remedy urgent matters may be cited directly into municipal court for enforcement.
  4. All commercial properties found in violation of any property maintenance code will follow the same protocol, however all violations will be distributed via Certified Mail.

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