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Living Legacy And Memorial Bench Program

living legacy trees

The Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Living Legacy and Memorial Bench Programs allow groups and individuals to donate trees and benches to honor or commemorate friends or loved ones as well as commemorate special events. Trees and benches purchased through the program are planted or placed in a City of Reynoldsburg park.

Your gift will be a wonderful remembrance or commemoration of a special occasion that adds beauty to the natural environment. It is also a valuable contribution to the Reynoldsburg Park system which is utilized by people of all ages and abilities.

The Reynoldsburg program invites you to:

  • Establish a tradition
  • Commemorate a wedding
  • Celebrate the birth of a child
  • Valentine’s gift
  • Memorialize a loved one
  • Recognize the accomplishments of an individual, group, or organization
  • Celebrate a graduation

Memorial Park Bench Application

Living Legacy Program Application for Trees 

Tree Planting Process

The Parks & Recreation Department has numerous locations throughout the city available for planting trees. To ensure a healthy and adequate survival for a tree, the following guidelines are set forth:

  • The cost of the tree will be $300.00. The Parks & Recreation Department will secure a 2” – 3” caliper tree.
  • Once the selection of tree species is determined, the Parks & Recreation Department will order the tree from a local nursery.
  • The Parks & Recreation Department will plant the tree.
  • A specific site may be requested and the staff will make every attempt to honor the request. In the event no site is specified, or the donor’s request cannot be accommodated, the staff will determine a planting site.
  • The City will assume the maintenance of the tree.
  • The tree will be planted in Reynoldsburg, on public land, including City owned facilities.


The Parks & Recreation Department will acknowledge the recipient in the following manner:

The recipient and location are remembered on a permanent standard plaque, designed and fabricated by the City. The recipient / family will receive a certificate and a card acknowledging the gift. The donors will be contacted prior to the planting of the tree.

Tree Selection

Depending on the location, various species of trees are available:

  • Yellowwood
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Cockspur Hawthorn
  • Ginkgo
  • Thornless Honeylocust
  • Kentucky Coffeetree
  • Black Locust (‘Purple Robe’)
  • Tilia/Linden
  • Walnuts: Black, Butternut
  • Sweetgum
  • Blackgum
  • Tulip Poplar
  • American Hop-Hornbeam
  • Quaking Aspen
  • American Elm
  • Eastern Redbud
         Maples: Red, Hybrid, Sugar
  • American Hornbeam
  • Hickories: Shagbark, Shellbark
  • Northern Catalpa
  • Hackberry
  • Oaks: Pin, Red, White, Swamp, Scarlet, Shingle, Burr, Chnkapin, Willow, Schumard, Black

Park Selection

Civic Park - 6800 Daugherty Drive

Huber Park - 1600 Davidson Drive

John F Kennedy Park - 7232 East Main Street

Livingston House Park - 1792 Graham Road

Senior Center - 1520 Davidson Drive

Pine Quarry Park

-Kingsley Drive-Greentree Development

-Waggoner Road access

Trees not only provide us with wood, paper, nuts, shade, natural beauty and a buffer against noise, they play an important role in a natural cycle. Trees capture carbon from atmospheric carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. Trees also help prevent flooding and assist with controlling soil erosion. Besides all these practical benefits, trees add value and beauty to their surroundings.


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