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The primary mission of the Reynoldsburg Street Department is to provide a safe and maintained road network. We strive to give the citizens of Reynoldsburg the most cost effective and competent service, while doing our utmost to be responsive to the citizen’s concerns and requests in a timely manner.

Located at 7806 East Main Street, the department consists of 14 full time employees; administrative assistant and superintendent, Storm Water Utility (three), and Mechanic Division (two).


Reynoldsburg Map with Street Names

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About us

The Street Department has a diversity of responsibilities. These include repair and maintenance of 112 miles of streets; fabricate and install street name signs, regulatory and warnings signs and various informational signs; debris removal and grass cutting on all rights of way and three cemeteries; snow removal; repairing street lights and traffic lights and street cleaning.

The department maintains over 3,490 traffic control signs, 1,100 street name signs, monitors and repairs 27 traffic light intersections, and school flashing lights at eight locations. The department maintains 2,156 street lights.

Streetlight Out

a row of streetlights

To report street light outages call the office - (614) 322-5800. After normal working hours, leave a message with the address or location of the light and any other relevant information.

AEP (American Electric Power) owns and maintains 700 street lights on City Streets. If the light belongs to AEP, we will contact them.

Individuals with private security lights and those living in apartment complexes must make the call to AEP at 1- 800- 277-2177.

Traffic Light or School Flashing Light Out

To report a traffic or school flashing light out please call us at (614) 322-5800 and let us know the location.

Pot Holes or Debris in the Road

Please call the Street Dept at (614) 322-5800. Let us know the location and traveling direction of the pothole or where the debris is located.

Trees located between the Curb & Sidewalk

The trees must be cut 14 feet above the roadway and 10 feet above the sidewalk.  These trees are the property owners responsibility and they have the right to remove them.


What to do with your leaves

The City doesn't have curb leaves collection.  Please put the leaves and lawn clippings into lawn bags (biodegradable - no plastic), into your compost pile, or in a trash can marked "Yard Waste" for regular trash pickup.  Please make sure that there is ONLY yard waste in this container.

Don't rake your leaves into the street.  This could cause drainage problems and prevent water from flowing into our storm inlets.  The water from the curbs carry all leaves and pollutants directly into the streams.

The City of Reynoldsburg Street Department would like to remind residents that it is unlawful to dispose of any matter such as leaves or grass clippings on any public property, which includes City streets.

Things you need to know


check for wires before you dig seal

Underground wiring is marked for the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS).

Employees mark the location of underground street light wires on a daily basis as required by Ohio law. Anyone planning to do any digging is required to call OUPS 48 hours in advance at 1 (800) 362-2764.

Color of the flags;
Red          Electric Power Lines
Yellow      Gas - Oil
Orange     Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit
Blue          Potable Water
Green       Sewers & Drain Lines
White        Proposed Excavation 


The Street Department maintains the Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Seceder Cemetery, and Hill Cemetery. If you need Seceder Cemetery unlocked please call us at (614) 322-5800 on our normal working hours.

Franklin County Operation Flag

Snow Removal

The purpose of the Snow and Ice Control Program is to keep traffic within Reynoldsburg moving as safely as possible. There are 112 miles of streets (270 lane miles) in the City. All main thoroughfares must be kept open to provide a transportation system for police, fire emergencies and the majority of traffic.

The city policy is as follows: When snow accumulation reaches (4 inches or more) the city salts and plows all streets. Less than 4” the city only salts main and secondary streets including steep grade areas and dangerous curves. The city does not salt residential streets unless conditions necessitate action to maintain safety.

Plowing – Safety Tips for residents during snow removal

  • Do not pull out in front of a snow plow truck.
  • Plow trucks push snow to the passenger side of the truck. Never attempt to pass a plow truck on the right side.
  • Stay back at least 200 feet from the trucks that are plowing or spreading salt.
  • Plow trucks often have to back up. Do not pull directly behind a plow truck. There may be blind spots in the mirrors and the driver may not be able to see you.


City workers try not to plow snow into driveways, but it cannot be avoided.  Our responsibility is to clear the roadways.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation if snow is pushed onto your property.  When residents remove the snow from the driveway, it is illegal to push the snow into the road.

The elderly and individuals with health problems should make arrangements for driveway clearing prior to snow season.


City snow plow operators make every effort to push snow as close to the curb as possible to provide access to mailboxes for postal carriers. The final clearing adjacent to mailboxes is the responsibility of each resident.  Homeowners should be aware that the U. S. Postal Service is not required to deliver mail if a mailbox area is not cleared.

All mailboxes should be installed and maintained in a fashion as to absorb the impact of snow coming off the face of a plow blade.  Usually if a mailbox is broken, it is because the post was rotten and could not withstand the impact of the snow. If the mailbox was incorrectly installed or not physically hit by City equipment, the City will not grant any compensation.  The City's policy shall be to grant no reimbursement for a mailbox and/or post failure due to impact of snow that was discovered to be rotten.  In the case of a mailbox having been physically hit ​by City equipment a claim may be filed. 

Mailbox Replacement Policy 


The City of Reynoldsburg Street Department would like to remind residents that it is unlawful to dispose of any matter such as leaves or grass clippings on any public property, which includes City streets.

Private and/or commercial signs cannot be placed in the City right-of-way. Generally speaking, the right-of-way is the area of land between the road edge and the sidewalk. For areas that have no sidewalk, it is recommended that you call the Street Department at (614) 322-5800 to determine the right-of-way width.

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